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"Work It Girl is a breath of fresh air; I am a 23 year old graduate student. The advice is timeless which will enable me to continue to reform my professional self to be the best I can through my working career. While reading I felt the mentorship and words of inspiration were words all women would relate to and encourage self- empowerment. The tone is so down to earth it felt like I was apart of the book. Last but not least my favorite part of the book is the "To do List" this is one of the first things I recognized and immediately started to implement into my lifestyle. The "To Do List" helps me effectively manage ideas, family & friends, career planning, even food shopping and keeping a tight budget. "Work it Girl" does exactly what the title implies- it is a guide for not just women of color but for all women, a guide for professional success. I have passed my copy to my sister and peers to glance through for advice and mentorship. Work it Girl has something for every women, try and you will see. I did!" - N. Whyte

Career Management Professional & Military Life Expert
Author, Freelance Writer & Motivational Speaker

For Black women, achieving professional success sometimes seems like an impossible mountain to climb. But, it doesn’t have to be, IF you have the right attitude AND the right climbing tools. In Work it, Girl! The Black Woman’s Guide to Professional Success, you’ll get just that. As a Black woman, you will realize that you DO have the strength to succeed.

This guide will keep it real by acknowledging the hundreds of ‘justifications’ we use to stay stuck where we are, but it will also debunk the myths of career choice (or lack thereof). It will recognize that we all have limitations, yet it will present ‘doable’ work options for sisters who think there are none. Finally, it will not preach to the choir, but instead describe practical steps you can take to get where you want to be---even if you are not yet sure where that is!

When frustration about your professional standing makes you want to sing the words of a classic gospel song: “You don’t have to move the mountain, but give me the strength to climb,” you’ll love reading about the experiences of incredible sisters who not only found their strength to climb, but who also enjoyed the ascent. We know we can’t move the mountains, but we want to prepare you for a wonderful climb. So, let’s Work it, Girl!

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