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The Mocha Manual to Military Life is the ultimate guide to life, love, and logistics for military spouses, girlfriends, and female service members. Whether you’re just beginning a relationship with a military man and pondering the ins and outs of a long-distance relationship as he moves from base to base or you’re a newly wed military wife, The Mocha Manual to Military Life has a host of tips for optimizing your romance. Beyond matters of the heart, the book also offers advice on everything from how to best build friendships among military wives, a group that can seem club-like and exclusive to the uninitiated. Acces sible and witty, The Mocha Manual to Military life is a fresh and timely must-read for all women –but particularly African American and Latina women – affected by military service.

Yes, You Can! Living Your Best Military Life
Before You Say “I Do”: Everything You Need to Know About Dating and Marrying A Military Man
Surviving the First Year: Your Induction into the MS World
When Honey is Away: Dealing with Separation and Deployment
Social Studies: A Lesson in Protocol, Pomp and Circumstance, and the Social Scene
Here We Go Again! Mastering the Military Move
Working It! Career and Education Planning for the Military Spouse
Military Money Matters: Don’t Let Your Money Get Funny
Parenting: Children in the Military Lifestyle
Double Duty: Life as a Dual Military –Career Couple
Relationship Rescue: How to Keep Your Marriage and Friendships Strong
Dealing with the Unthinkable: Domestic Violence, Injury, and Loss

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