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As a proud, 20-year Army wife, Pamela has been personally, professionally, and socially engaged in all aspects of military life and loves to share her myriad of experiences and knowledge through her writing, speaking engagements, and everyday conversations.

As a young 22-year-old newlywed who was thrust into the unfamiliar world of military life during war time, she had to grow up quickly as a soldier’s wife, and as a professional . Pamela was determined to have a successful career and support her soldier in an era when many military wives, willingly and unwillingly, put their careers on the backburner in order to support theirs.

And now, through multiple deployments, seven PCS moves and countless separations a host of other unforgettable experiences, Pamela has not only built her career as an expert in career management, professional development, and Military Family Programs, but she co-wrote her first book as her husband prepared for a fifteen-month deployment to Iraq and co-wrote her second book while he was gone.

Pamela is dedicated to being a mentor, coach, sister, and friend to all service m embers and the families who love them.

Contact Pamela via email for a complimentary consultation in personal lifestyle coaching, or program design, development, and management in:

  • Family Readiness
  • Child, Youth and School Services
  • Marriage to the military
  • Separation and deployment
  • Relocation
  • Parenting
  • Career and education planning


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