Revamp Your Boring Resume!

Every year you pull out the same old holiday decorations and probably even put them in the same old places. Likewise, you probably fall into the same old rut when it comes to submitting your resume for job openings.

How many times have you simply added your most recent job to your resume and submitted it to an employer without a second thought? This year, use these strategies to revamp your resume for a potentially more prosperous new year.

1. Start from scratch. Without looking at your current resume write a new one. Hopefully, you will recall examples of at least some accomplishments that are more relevant than the ones you previously listed.

2. Find three dream jobs on vacancy announcement boards and compare the requirements with what’s on your resume. Cross out the irrelevant information from your resume and add references to skills and accomplishments that make you a good fit.

3. Edit one sentence at a time and edit every single one of them. Start each sentence with an action verb in the past tense. Add quantity when possible. Show the result of your actions and/or why you did them. Trim each sentence to the fewest words possible. For example, change “Responsible for the production of financial reports” to “Produced weekly financial reports to assess the status of sales goals and make recommendations for improved performance.”

4. Ask at least three trusted networking contacts for feedback on your content and don’t take it personally. Instead make changes that were pointed out by at least two of them.

5. Change the format. Change your chronological resume to a functional one or vice-versa. This exercise might give you new insight on how to better express your value to an employer. You can always use the former format if you like it best, just include the new content.

6. Get help. Email me at to get a free consultation on how to Work It, Girl!

Which ideas will you try and what other ways can you avoid a stale approach to finding an interesting new job?

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4 Responses to Revamp Your Boring Resume!

  1. @MisUsayKay says:

    I am so On this! This was very informative! Now to get started! I am enjoying the blogs! Go Ms. P! I am going to work it Girl! ;-)

  2. Thanks for your comments. I am enjoying the conversations!

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